Giant Eagle Trading PLC

Founded and Managed by Ethiopian Entrepreneur Merid Seifu.

Giant Eagle Trading PLC (GET) is a business company which has been established since 1994 in Ethiopia at the capital Addis Ababa.The Company is owned and Managed by an Ethiopian Entrepreneur Merid Seifu. The Entrepreneur has been working on different Merchandizing business for long. The founder has gone through different steps in business and currently he has added a new venture in real estate business. The establishment accommodates business activities in various areas as follows:

  • Merchandizing business which includes:
    • Leega Power Generators import and sales (5KVA-200KVA)
    • MOSA Welding Generators (2KVA-200KVA)
    • PentaxElectrical Water Pumps Import and sales
    • CEMONT Welding Machine
    • Leno Sella Mixers
    • Vibrators
    • Sales Of Original Spare Parts for the above listed Equipment and Machines
  • Services:
    • After Sales Services
    • Overhaul Services
    • Maintenance Services
  • Real-estate Business which includes:
    • Office and Shops Rentals
    • Furnished office Rentals
    • Furnished Apartments Rentals
    • Gym and Spa

GET is reorganized and expanded its business to a higher level and merge the existing merchandising business with the newly established Real-estate business. GET is working towards being one of the first modern companies in Ethiopia, in terms of establishment, development, and expansion. GET will work towards achieving excellence in all rounded way by satisfying its esteemed customers and working harder to implement its vision: