Products Sourcing

Giant Eagle Trading (GET) is proud on maintaining as comprehensive a stock inventory as possible to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers on the spot while they need our services. However, in the rare circumstances in which a required part is not in stock, the staff at GET will work diligently with our suppliers to expedite the sourcing of any non-stock parts.

Maintenance and  Support

Every part, for our mechanizing sold, availability and Service Support is Key to all equipment Performance. At GET, we are promoting the repair before failure principle and the necessary genuine parts that will enable our customers to keep their equipment in high performance availability round the clock. Our unmatched supply chain system will give prompt delivery of any spare parts to the customers very effectively.

After Sales  Services

Giant Eagle Trading is committed to working in partnership with its customers. To this end it has a team of Parts and Service Sales Representatives and Counter sales men dedicated to supporting customers in ordering the right parts at the right time to reduce machine down time.